The Epic Journey Begins – The Great Autumn Migration (Part one)

Short-toed Eagle - Valle de Genal, Andalucia, Spain

Short-toed eagle

Look into the skies above Southern Spain; what do you see? Rather like the owls, in the first chapter of Harry Potter, that suddenly began to appear everywhere; birds of prey that usually wouldn’t be seen at such close proximity to us are popping up all over the place. We’ve spotted them perched above supermarket car parks and on various urban buildings in the last few days. We’ve seen them flying down towards Spain’s south coast. Bee-eaters,  warblers, swifts, swallow and martins by the tens-of-thousands.

 White Stork - Tarifa, Costa de la Luz, Strait of Gibraltar

What are they doing? Rather like those of us that have preferred what Spain has to offer as opposed to our native countries; these birds likewise choose Iberia or other more northern European countries to mate and raise fledglings. They arrived in spring in large flocks, having flown northwards from a range of countries in Africa. Here, they have gorged themselves on abundant local food supplies that provide the energy needed both to produce a brood of chicks and sustain themselves during the arduous process of rearing them until they are ready to leave the nest. That task having been completed and summer drawing to a close, the birds will be preparing to undertake the reverse journey to over-winter thousands of kilometres to our south.

Black Kites & Honey Buzzards

Black Kites, Short-toed eagles and Honey Buzzards rise on the thermals

The birds of prey (raptors) are not the only type of winged travellers shouldering the migration. White storks are everywhere and you may have spotted smaller birds flocking together now that have spent summer in pairs feeding their chicks: Bee-Eaters are gathering and House Martins, Swallows and Swifts are among such noticeable birds as their nest sites are found mainly attached to human habitation. These smaller passerine species perform their migration differently to the larger birds and next week we will explain how and why in: The Great Autumn Migration (part two): Homeward-Bound Travellers Challenge The Powers of Nature.

European Bee-eater - Valle de Guadiaro, Andalucia, Spain

Exotic European Bee-eaters gather in vast numbers

Visionwild Gallery Opening hours

Horas Visionwild

Gordon Ramsay shacks up Gaucin







Peak District Workshops – September 2014

Fairbrook waterfall - Peak District NP, Derbyshire, England


6 days – 6 workshops from one of Europe’s most successful professional photographers.

Monday 15th September – Dark Peak Landscapes *

Tuesday – 16th September – The Roaches *

Wednesday – 17th September – Dark Peak Waterfalls *

Thursday – 18th September – Water Voles and Little Grebes **

Friday – 19th September – Red Grouse & Adder **

Saturday – 20th September – Red Grouse & Adder **


Cost: Just £75.00 per participant, per workshop – Book 3 or more and get 1 workshop FOC.

Limited to 10 participants per workshop *

Limited to 6 participants per workshop **


Geoff had lived in the Peak District for 30-years prior to leaving the shores of Britain for Andalucia, Spain in 2011. Many of his landscape compositions have been become iconic and instantly recognisable.

What’s included:

All the assistance and tuition required to make the most of your day, after it’s you the paying guest who gets the shot not Geoff.


Simply email Geoff at in the first instance to confirm which date/s you would like to book…. Payment details will accompany the return email.



Acquiring a nature reserve was not exactly what I had in mind

Nature reserve

Hundreds of wildflowers including 18 species orchid, dozens of butterflies, lizards, snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, broomrapes of every description, dozens of nesting bee-eaters and crag martins. With many griffon vultures, booted and short-toed eagles overhead this nature reserve like most of Andalucia is absolutely brimming with biodiversity.

For the past 3-years I’ve totally in awe the shear biodiversity here in Andalucia. I can say that 100sq metres is Andalucia has  more species than 10 sq kilometers in the UK it’s simply over-flowing with flora and fauna species. So when I was asked by the local landowner would I like to buy some land I could not resist so 600 euros well spent I am now the proud owner of my own delightful nature reserve comprising of all of 2.1 hectares. I now feel totally responsible for its welfare and in truth I am…. quite some responsibility and not one I was expecting or had in mind.

Wayside flower meadow - Valle de Guadiaro, Andalucia, Spain

A wildflower meadow comprising predominantly of wild rape and poppies is a sight to behold.

Cricket stretching its hind-leg, Gaucin, Malaga, Andalcuia, Spain

After a lng deep sleep and a dew-laden morning a cricket as yet unidentified performs a hind-leg stretch.

European Bee-eaters at nest hole

Unquestionably Europe’s most exotic and colourful avian specie we have 17 pairs nesting this summer.


Oleander shrubs in full bloom are everywhere though my search for the Oleander Hawkmoth caterpillar to date has proved to be fruitless.

Scabious - Gaucin, Andalucia, Spain

Thousands upon thousands of Field Scabious flourish in the rich limestone soils a simple handheld technique is all that is required to convey the essence of a wildflower meadow in Andalucia.


An impressive swallowtail butterfly is a common everyday sight, though their close relative the Scarce Swallowtail is in fact the more frequent observed species.

Visionwild Gallery Press Release

Gallery 1

1 of 9 display walls in The VisionWild Gallery where Geoff photographic artwork hangs, they include limited edition fine-art, metallic prints and luxurious acrylics.

VisionWild Gallery Opening

VisionWild Gallery opens its doors to lovers of beauty on 6th June 2014. The fine-art photography gallery is owned by professional photographer Geoff Simpson who relocated south to Andalucía in 2011 after a garlanded career in British nature photography. Quite simply: once Geoff had glimpsed exotic Andalucía he knew in her he had found his muse.

After three years of pre-dawn and dusk outings; patiently familiarising himself with the rhythms and quirks of the temperate seasons; marvelling at the superabundance of nature in his new homeland; and enjoying the cultural calendar here, Geoff Simpson is excited to present a diverse body of original work to the world. What else could emerge from this realm situated between two seas and at the crossroads with Africa?

The VisionWild Gallery is located in Gaucín, Málaga: the hilltop village known internationally for its artistic community who like Geoff have been drawn by the fabulous light and topography. Complementing Geoff Simpson’s fine-art-photographic pieces are the creations of other equally inspired Andalucian artisans.

We invite you to come along to Gaucín and see the world-class views; meet Geoff and enjoy a complimentary drink and cake. The VisionWild Gallery is waiting to share its treasures with you and browsers are always very welcome.

VisionWild Gallery is open Wednesday and Thursday: 10-2pm, 5-8pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm. All the artwork is securely deliverable world wide and Geoff is available to supervise the professional installation of his pieces in both Malaga & Cadiz Provinces. Geoff also undertakes photographic commissions including luxurious property shoots and portraits.



El Mirador De Gaucin

Bloque C, Bajo C,


29480, Malaga



Geoff Simpson BSc (Hons)

Tel: (0034) 627 242 417


Skype: visionwild


FOR SALE CANON 180mm f/3.5L Macro Lens


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